Mk Calling 2017



Preview: Thursday 20 April / 6-10pm / Free / All Welcome

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“This spring, MK Gallery showcases new and exciting work by over 70 emerging and established artists in MK Calling 2017. This exhibition is designed to celebrate the breadth of creativity around Milton Keynes and will include a wide range of art forms alongside a dynamic programme of events and participatory sessions.” 

Threshold: a site specific artwork by Stephanie Spindler that is a part of


MK Calling 2017: This Exhibition showcases new and exciting work by over 70 emerging and established artists at the Milton Keynes Gallery


            This was a unique opportunity to work in the Milton Keynes Gallery that is at the start of expansion and renovation of its main exhibition building. I chose to utilize the invitation to work on site and respond to the theme of construction/deconstruction that looks at the architecture and the building in its current state. The slippery, ‘in-between’ things, is something that I focus on in my practice base research; interactions that happen in the middle of here and there. A form of otherness that is vulnerable because of the unknown, ambiguity or uncertainty that is part of ‘becoming’. Threshold is about considering the relation of the body to the precariousness of change; the phenomenal and metaphorical transformation when moving from one place to another. The site is intrinsic to our negotiation through the distance between things, the boundaries of the body, self and what is unknown, intermingling contemporaneously.