Stephanie Spindler is an American artist. She is currently undertaking a practice-based Ph.D. at Chelsea College of Art. Owing to her father being in the U.S. Navy she was born in Japan and then settled in Virginia, USA.  As an only child, Stephanie liked to draw with oil crayons on cut up paper bags. Her mother keeps the drawings in a box under her bed to this day. Currently, Spindler creates metaphorical bodies out of cardboard boxes and then wrestles them until they are both changed from the outside in and the inside out.

            The practice-led research explores the structure of experience, using a theoretical feminist phenomenological methodology in relation to a sculptural installation practice, where feminist phenomenology and new materialism intersect to explore the experiential and material engagement of matter and meaning. This investigation turns to materiality that is at the core of artistic practice.

            The subject provokes the specificity of a sexed body through the expression, motility, and materiality of the co-emergent and co-immersive processes of doing/undoing, touching/touched and moving/being moved with the artwork and the performative process of making as a line of questioning.