Me You Me: Boxing at Camberwell College of Art

Me you me: Boxing at Camberwell College of Art

RAUM Gallery, Camberwell College of Art

May 2-6, 2016

Artist Talk Thursday May 5, 18:00



I am a second year Ph.D. student at Chelsea Collge of Art. You can read my academic research abstract below. I have been using my body and material in a process of co-emersion. The co-emersion is a process; two or more materials merge to form something that is neither of its original elements and forms something new. The making relies on a sensitivity of the material being formed in a physical way, attentiveness to the material in which it is being manipulated regarding its own attributes and the relation of the manipulator/manipulation and the environment. 
My research began with an interest in disembodiment and led me to investigate representation, experience, and materiality. I am interested in how the sexed body constitutes identity, using the backdrop of women as a situation.  The practice generates sculptural installation and questions that are embodied in the performance of the artwork. Please join me for the artist talk Thursday May 5 at 18:00.




Research Abstract

A Phenomenological Identity: The State of Being a Woman. (Working Title)

  This practice-led research seeks to explore the structure of experience, using the philosophy of phenomenology with a feminist perspective in relation to a sculptural installation practice. I am working with representation, materiality, and experience; and spatial, temporal, and performative elements that are central to the ontological questions of the nature of space, time, and the sexed body.

The sculptural installation practice generates questions from the performativity of making and engagement with the artwork: How might a sculptural installation art practice manifest new perspectives from a feminist phenomenological perspective through the specificities of a sexed body and material, spatial, and temporal considerations? How might a concept of a phenomenal woman shift expectations of female identity and make explicit the role of the sentient body as a means of knowing through a creative practice?

The practice is an enactment of a feminist phenomenology, supported by theories of embodiment and new materialism. It is the investigation of the interrelation of what can happen between things, between the viewer and the artwork and the constitution of the encounter of the artwork that is most vital to experience, representation, materiality, and what a phenomenal woman might be.