The Beginning of the Un-Doing


30 x 40 cm Oct 5-7

I spent October 2013 at The Booth, a month long residency on Shetland Island north of the mainland  of Scotland and on the same latitude as Norway. Way North!30x 40 cm Oct 7

My intention was to spend time being and expressing the influence of the place with drawings. Since moving to England  last year my visual art work has been suspended a little by writing and doing some proposals that are way out of my comfort zone. The writing has challenged me to review my practice and try to see it and articulate what I have been making for the last fifteen years and why. 

64 x 80 cm Oct 664 x 80cm Oct 7

Drawing has always been a part of my practice. I use it as an expressve tool and look at the drawings as maps and notations of ideas. During the residency I tried to allow my impulsive and greedy desire for colour, energy, collage take over. To allow an abandonment  to guide the work (or play) of using drawing as an abstract diary.

30 x 40 cm Oct 13

The drawings are childlike done with felt tip pens, mixed media, and collage (cutting up drawings and re-incorporating them back into new drawings). 

I decided not to open my studio to the public because the ego is a delicate thing. I wanted to allow myself total freedom and I felt by adding a pressure of sharing the work while it was still very new that it might influence or change the momentum of the work. 

64 x 80 cm Oct 1964 x 80 cm Oct 2030 x 40 cm Oct 2630 x 40 cm Oct 2964 x 80 cm Oct 28

 30 x 40 cm Oct 29

These drawings are a map of what my thoughts were of the place, somewhere between a journal and works in progress. I will be making a body of work inspired by my time spent in such a unique place and by the information I captured through my drawings.