"Drawing is about seeing, processing, asking questions and considering ideas."

 Drawing is my primary format, all things I do, sculptures, etchings and installations all follow the rules that I have about how I make work. Drawing is a process that is fluid, showing ideas that are in flux.  I am interested in space, texture and emotive qualities that are expressed with a characteristic that suggests transformation, time or a speed of movement.


I am interested in how objects have meaning,  how intentional and un-intentional marks have expressive qualities and how humans navigate through thought, experience and emotion. My sketchbook is a place that I have freedom to explore the combination of colors, texture, shapes, ideas and do research.   


Many years ago I saw a retrospective of Sol LeWitt in MOMA. This experience changed my work forever. He liberated drawing and exploited the simplicity of line, by adhering to the two dimensionality of traditional drawing he embraced three-dimensional possibilities.

I derived this quote studying LeWitt's work,

" searching for the building blocks of form for the basic alphabet,vocabulary, and grammar of all structures dematerialization; freeing line from volume floating line weightlessly in boundless spaces".

In most ways it is the antithesis of the structure and concept of his work, but by understanding his work it gave me the freedom to create my own.