A Materialist Encounter II:The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama


COLLISIONS is the annual festival that showcases Central’s thriving Practice as Research community, specifically allowing research degrees students and creative fellows to collectively engage with what it means to be researching through practice, while sharing this with a wider academic and non-academic audience.

Sept 27-29 2016 This was a performance of Boxing with an invited audience. I was live streaming from my iphone which was attached to my head in order for the audience to see both the live making and simoultaneously projected, my point of view. This was broadcast live. 

In a series of work entitled Boxing, I wrestle with boxes in various shapes and sizes, with different skins, and in specific environments. There is intensity in the course of action with the material, even ridiculousness but there is also violence, bewilderment, resistance, and distortion. An improvisational entanglement (mutual negotiation), with force applied and force returned generating pleasure in a collaborative process of moving, being moved, and moving with. The presentation will explore a method to orient a theoretical concept and the physical relation to matter and meaning that expand the linguistic paradigm.  

Boxing CSSD: Collision 2016 from on Vimeo.



Materialist Encounter, June 2016

The structure of A materialist Encounter is a performative talk about the research. I present a film, a talk and a sculptural object designed specifically for the talk. I was thinking about how interior thought and spaces can/might overlap. The film is constructed to show the making/thinking process, the co-created sculptural object is a part of the presentation conjoined to the artist. 

What you see on line is only the film element and one documeted image. the artwork is to be performed as a talk and should be experinced as such.

Film Still from the making process.

Dislocation: Materialist Encounter from on Vimeo.


There is no negative Space in this body

This artwork is a short video represetnation of the making process and the sculptural object.

The location is the Parade Ground at Chelsea Collge of art, the former parade ground for the Royal Army Medical College. December 2015.

Negative Space_2016 from on Vimeo.


Me You Me,RAUM Gallery, Camberwell College of Art April 2016

This installation is two choreographed metaphorical bodies from the Boxing Series and an installed film documentary of the artworks being constructed and performed on site.



Me You Me, installation documentation clip from on Vimeo.