Boxing: London College of Communications March 2016

The Utopia Exhibition at London College of Communications 

Utopia College Exhibition

Using the concept of utopia as a tool to imagine the future of the College, 

this exhibition brought together diverse contributions from 5 PhD

students across University of the Arts London. 

11 Mar - 23 Mar 2016


Stephanie Spindler

Eldina Begic

Julie Marsh

John Hartley

Karel Doing

Private View Friday 11, March 2016 1800
Utopia College is a free event, open to the public.

Lower Gallery

London College Communication Elephant and Castle


Utopia College is part of LCC's public programme.


The body is a boundary and a point of contact. My practice-led research seeks to explore the structure of experience, using the philosophy of phenomenology with a feminist perspective in relation to a sculptural installation practice. I am working with representation, materiality and experience; spatial, temporal, and sensualelements that are central to the ontological questions of  nature of space, time and the sexed body.


Mind THe Gap


I recently attended The Mind The Gap Conference in Lisbon Portugal. I presented my practice and the components of my research. My practice has shifted in the last two years to look closely at how the performance of the body is an integral aspect of my research. Through the making of sculpture installation I am questioning how thought and movement are interconnected; through the senses and specifically how women's experience is expressed and enacted as a form of knowledge. 

One of the questions  from the panel after my presentation that keeps ringing in my ears was, "why woman? why not just you as an artist?" This was a good question. I am genuinely interested in the social, political and cultural position of women. 

The absence and marginalization of women throughout history and philosophy compels me to enact something that brings the specific sensual, sexual and sentient qualities of women that has long been identified with the body, an authority and a voice that distinguishes both power and vulnerability.  

This will be an answer that I continue to develop through my research. It remains a tension within Feminism and Phenomenology. Tension, being a key word, an active state, something that exists in the theory and the practice both.


The Beginning of the Un-Doing 


30 x 40 cm Oct 5-7

I spent October 2013 at The Booth, a month long residency on Shetland Island north of the mainland  of Scotland and on the same latitude as Norway. Way North!30x 40 cm Oct 7

My intention was to spend time being and expressing the influence of the place with drawings. Since moving to England  last year my visual art work has been suspended a little by writing and doing some proposals that are way out of my comfort zone. The writing has challenged me to review my practice and try to see it and articulate what I have been making for the last fifteen years and why. 

64 x 80 cm Oct 664 x 80cm Oct 7

Drawing has always been a part of my practice. I use it as an expressve tool and look at the drawings as maps and notations of ideas. During the residency I tried to allow my impulsive and greedy desire for colour, energy, collage take over. To allow an abandonment  to guide the work (or play) of using drawing as an abstract diary.

30 x 40 cm Oct 13

The drawings are childlike done with felt tip pens, mixed media, and collage (cutting up drawings and re-incorporating them back into new drawings). 

I decided not to open my studio to the public because the ego is a delicate thing. I wanted to allow myself total freedom and I felt by adding a pressure of sharing the work while it was still very new that it might influence or change the momentum of the work. 

64 x 80 cm Oct 1964 x 80 cm Oct 2030 x 40 cm Oct 2630 x 40 cm Oct 2964 x 80 cm Oct 28

 30 x 40 cm Oct 29

These drawings are a map of what my thoughts were of the place, somewhere between a journal and works in progress. I will be making a body of work inspired by my time spent in such a unique place and by the information I captured through my drawings.




The Edge of the World, Eshaness


My day started at 4:30 am when the moon was blasting across the water into The Booth.

This day was to bring many spectacular things starting with the crazy big moonlight, I then saw my first sun bathing seal in the Scalloway Bay. It is not uncommon to see seals in the water, I see them almost everyday and it does feel quite special but the images of a seal head popping out of the water is fairly anti-climactic to the extraordinary animals they are.

To get to the edge of the world you have to pass through the most narrow part of the Shetland Island called the Mavis Grind. (pronounced like Grin with a d) The Atlantic ocean is on one side and the North Sea on the other.

It's a spectacle that I didn't photograph well but if you click on the link you can get a more narrative sort of image of the ocean and the sea at the same time.

We had the most beautiful calm and bright day to see this northern part of the Mainland of Shetland. I also had the extreme privilege of being accompanied by a local, Nat Hall who guided us through her beloved home. Her enthusiasm for this place is easy to understand on a day like this, in a place like this.

This road foreshadows the breathtaking edge we approach as we head to Eshaness. Glacial lakes, extreme blue skies filled with cloud islands and blinding sun that makes the land masses black and the sun an impossible white glare.


The photographs are only a small fraction of the experience. They fail in so many ways to describe the place you can feel with all your senses. The texture of the light, the freshness of the air, the vertigo from height, depth and bigness of the sky. A place carved from volcanic activity and glacial movements formed over millions of years. You feel all that standing in this place.

I was so fortunate to have such a beautiful day to see the unbelievable landscape.





Extreme in all ways. The booth, Shetland

In this place you need to shelter from the wind, rain, cold and sun. When the sun is shining brightly it reflects off the water in a blinding way. It took me by surprise. It's wonderful to be in a place that is so different from my daily life.

Here is my little work station that I use to write and draw.It's just my style to be able to have everything to hand. 


This is how my day goes, a little writing and drawing, dog walking and then back to rest and process the scenery.

I could write more but the landscape says it all, almost. There is a lot of space to look and be silent. It's a nice choice.