Covenant is the title of the first work of art done for the research. There were two versions of the work,Covenant I and Covenant II. The making of first version informed the decisions of the second.

I was invited to participate in an International art exhibitionA Woman in Her Place, was/is a project to highlight the place of women in society. Artists were asked to create a work of art discussing female identity and place.

Each artist was mailed a slip to use to make an artwork. Version one was sent to the United States for the traveling exhibition and the second version I exhibited at Chelsea College of art.

This work cannot be seen, it is the absence of the body that exists between the card object  given to the viewer on entering the gallery and the sliptie which hangs on a hanger the same height as it would be worn on the body.

The work is in the absence, the  relation to the suggested body, which I invite viewers to contemplate; the inbetween.


Covenant II was an ebmodiment of the tie and the body, a performance of the body that was made using the sense of touch. A tracing of the gesture, weight, viscosity and relation between the material and the maker. This object was a co-emersion of both the material and the artist  coming together in a co-emersion.

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